Essay On My Favourite Place Manali

Manali - My Favourite Things

Drive to Manali - 
Travelling to Manali has to be among my favourite things in the world and I have been up there both by Air and Road. While Buntar airport seems to be shut nowadays and the convenience of flying to Manali has been denied the road has improved dramatically over the last two decades. The drive to Manali was an epic journey and now it’s a breeze. An experienced driver in a good vehicle (such a seasoned Sardarjee in an Innova) can do the drive to Manali in 11 hours including two short breaks. I have driven this road comfortably in my Santro (with family) in 15 hours with a break for the wife to buy shawls in Bhutico. I remember it used to take two hours plus just to drive from Kullu to Manali, now it’s an hour in the local bus which stops everywhere.
Food in Manali –
Chandra passMany things move a destination from being a good place to visit to a great place to go to time and time again. I never tire of Manali because of the culinary delight it is. Great Food in Manali is a given and trying to list down a few here will be going a grave injustice to so many others but what the H#LL! The reader needs to be aware that this list is order agnostic and random and it comes with a statutory warning “NON VEG”.

Adventure in Manali – 
Chandra passThere are many reasons of go to Manali and as mentioned earlier just the drive to get here is an adventure. Manali is in fact the adventure sports capital of Himanchal. Located about 3 km up on the left bank of river Beas in the direction of Kullu, the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, organises basic & advance training courses in trekking, mountaineering, skiing and water sports. Top quality skiing and trekking gear can be hired here by booking in advance. This institute produces quality young men and women who then go on to become guides who operate the various adventure activities in the Manali region.

By Rajesh Baruah

Describe a holiday destination you have visited.
You should say:
• where it is
• when you went there
• what you did there
And explain why this place left an impression on you.

Sample answer

Today I am going to speak about a place where I went on holidays.
The name of the place is Manali. It’s a picturesque hill station located in Himachal Pradesh, a state in northern India.
I went to Manali last week with my family. Since it is quite far, approximately 500 kilometers, from my hometown Dehradun, we decided to set off on Friday night. It was a very long drive, about 12 hours. We reached there on Saturday morning.

Manali has a lot to offer to its tourists of all ages. For the elderly and religious people, there are many ancient temples. Young adventure seekers have a wide range of sporting activities like skiing, snowmobiling, rafting, river crossing, trekking and paragliding etc. at their disposal.

On the first day of our holiday, we trekked through a dense cedar forest to reach Hadimba temple. It is the oldest temple of Manali and has a lot of religious significance in the local community. The next day we went to Solang Valley. Fortunately, we found plenty of snow in the valley. Without wasting our time, we made a small but very pretty igloo. We took the photographs of all the places we visited.

This place has impressed me very much. The main reason is its pleasant weather. Apart from that, people are honest, friendly and co-operative. They always give you the right information. Transport facilities and hotels are also well-maintained.


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