The Sociology Of Leopard Man Essay Examples

The Sociology of Leopard Man
Society try's to keep people from expressing their own ideas and/or interests. Since society thinks this way, many people feel as if that is the only way to think. In the short story, The sociology of leopard man the author Logan Feys states," society tends to discourage people from expressing their unique ideas and behaving in ways that are different from their peers". In my opinion there's definitely a time to act serious but there is also a time to let loose and get away from society and just be yourself.
The author makes a valid point when he said we should all get away from society every once in a while. The author also says we should be on our own person in society. Logan Feys shows he is very respectful of leopard mans decision. "I'm in no position to judge his particular choice". Leopard man is a man who has decided to completely escape society and live as a leopard in the nature having most of his body tattooed to look even more like a leopard. He spends most of his time in the nature by himself; however, he does go to the city to get food and his basic necessities.
"Get society out of your life and out of your mind -- not permanently (necessarily), but from time to time". This quote explains Logan Fey's point; showing that he wants people to get society out of their head, but not permanently. Also this quote says to get society out of your life when necessary. For example if you had a hard day at work then go for a walk and get some fresh air.
"He may not be a hero, but he is free. Be psychologically free enough and strong enough to live independently, leaving society and entering society on no one’s terms but your own". This quote is another example which says you don't have to be physically strong, but mentally strong. You must be able to get away from society when possible and come back being a better you and follow your own terms, not anyone else's.
So once again you must remember that getting away from society...

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