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Abortion Should Be Legal Essay

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Through every choice in life, there is a decision that must follow. Abortion is a woman’s individual choice; therefore, must be a legal part in todays society. Individual rights have an outstanding role in the controversial topic, on whether abortion should become legal in the United States . The individual rights for abortion show rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. As well, women should be able to have the choice to choose to have an abortion for several important reasons. The right to make these decisions should lie in the hands of the “mother” to make decisions concerning their own to make decisions concerning their own bodies. In addition, women should be given the choice to have an abortion if they are too young…show more content…

Bringing unwanted children into this world, with the means of improper care and love is restraining the pursuit of happiness in these children. If us as humans don't have the ability to give a child a healthy life; then the point to bring them into this world is not useful and causes lots more problems that should have never erupted in the first place.
Should an individual have the obligation to go through a nine month pregnancy, or go through childbirth, or the mental stress of raising or giving away the child? The individual rights a women has are not only for herself, but the child relying on her to live. One of the woman’s most basic freedoms is the right to control her own body and to determine if she bears a child. Only she can determine whether she is emotional, physical, and economic ready at any given time to have and raise a child.(Chicago Women’s Liberation Union) While the common good for abortion is in a recent study, US Supreme Court found that women have better mental health when they have abortion as an option. It also means children are born and raised by parents who wants them and that young teens have a chance to educate themselves and become parents when they are ready. People often think an abortion is a terrible thing, a choice for those irresponsible teenagers that get pregnant while lots of more stressful arguments go into abortion. Thinking of such a

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Legalization Of Abortion

Currently, there are several controversial issues nations and societies fail to agree on. Among the several issues is the legalization of abortion. Most nations have abortion laws. Some laws prohibit and disallow the act while others fully support it and allow it in the country. However, most countries have laws to regulate the act. In other words, the act is usually allowed only under special circumstances and conditions. However, even with the laws, rules and regulations, the act is still common in the different parts of the world. In fact, it is still done widely even in the nations that it is prohibited. However, it has been either banned or restricted in most of the nations. Surprisingly, even according to the World Health Organization, Abortion rates are almost similar in countries that have banned it and those that allow it. This is usually due to the lack of essential contraceptives in the places the act has been banned or prohibited. There are nations that have entirely banned the act. They include Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. Other nations in the same group are Malta and Vatican City. In Canada, the abortion procedures are not prohibited to women. In other words, there are no available legal restrictions. There are nations that only allow the procedure if the life of expectant women is endangered. This is so in the Republic of Ireland. Nations like Chile do not even allow exceptions for even if the life of a mother is endangered. These are just examples of the laws and the regulation of the act in some countries. However, the laws vary even in the rest of unmentioned regions and countries.

The Dilemma of Legalization of Abortion

As mentioned, the topic is greatly or highly controversial. Some nations that allow the practice without putting any restrictions indicate that a mother has the rights to decide her fate or even that of the baby she is carrying. For those that allow the practice and allow it to be conducted under different circumstances question the degree of rights that woman should enjoy. At the same time, they question the morality of the act. Also, in question is whether a mother should die if the pregnancy endangers her life. There are other nations that do not allow or tolerate the act, under any circumstances.

Effects of Legalization of Abortion

Several persons have lost their lives undergoing the act using painful procedures. Its cost is also high if it is done by a professional. Some may not afford it.

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