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For every individual while applying for the job, designing a resume is the most challenging process and above all is the covering letter that gives a glimpse of the portfolio. In fact, including a cover letter with resume is considered as a “golden rule”.

At the age of online application, this inclusion of letter having short bio of your work and educational profile will leave a good impression on interviewer. However, when the question arises, is the cover letter losing its shine? The answer can be quite diplomatic, as there are organizations that prefer having covering letter with the resume and other doesn’t. You CV do give an entire brief of the work experience, educational qualification and other things. But the covering letter gives a synopsis of the entire things mentioned in the CV.

What Mistakes People Do?

According to the Personal Career Management (PCM) that conducted a research work revealed mistakes which people do while seeking work. The research highlights that of the 500 documents received from applicants ranging from graduates to chief executives, 92 contained major spelling & grammatical errors, 5 contained formatting problems and few others information problem. Grammar stood as the biggest hurdle that made CVs to be placed somewhere in the corner.
The research which was backed by National Careers Service (NCS) has encouraged applicants to create an appealing CV that can help them to land up in the desired job.

Importance of Covering Letter:

In the book by author Tony Beshara, “Unbeatable Resumes: America’s Top Recruiter Reveals What Really Gets you hired? It describes how important covering letter is for both sides. Be it the jobs for fresher or experienced one, among 3000 respondents, 86 percent described it as less important.
Unless the recruiter asks for letter, it would be great not to send it with the resume. However, there are very few companies which nowadays ask for such letter. In the age of online application, the mail body itself contains a short info regarding the applicant. Writing an appealing and approaching letter in the mail body itself will induce the recruiter to check the resume. Similarly, when an applicant includes the letter, it should be short and concise.
Other things that can be included for applicants sending letter are:
• If had any phone conversation, then include the same in the letter
• Focus on what you can give back to your company
To make your covering letter more approachable, there are certain things that need to be considered. If you are a fresher and have zero knowledge regarding the resume and covering letter, then the best thing to do is handing over the work to resume writing services that has a good experience in this field. A professional resume maker will precisely work on the entire thing to make it look worthy and approachable.

5 Golden Rules of Cover Letter:

A successful resume with a covering letter helps the applicant landing to the job. Covering letter with perfect format, structure and convincing write act as a weapon inducing interviewer to go ahead for the call. However, it all depends on the cover letter that will make the interviewer to view the resume and take further steps.

Thinking from Employer’s point of view:

This is certainly the best way to understand the need and creating a cover letter. The letter should be employer focused and should clearly answer the employer’s unspoken questions. The letter needs to answer three main questions- What have you achieved (If not fresher)? What made you to contact him? And why the company should hire you?

It should not be Copy of your Resume:

The cover letter should represent your skill and should answer on why you should be hired. It should be divided into different paragraphs showing your characteristics and experiences in short words. Avoid making any claim of award or experience if you never had.

Style and Format:

This is the most important part of preparing the cover letter. It should be concise, absorbed and sound genuine. Words used throughout the letter should represent your confidence over self and towards work. Use of active voice is highly recommended. This certainly puts interviewer on stronger note.

Be True:

Your cover letter should speak truth and all your achievements mentioned should be given proof in the resume after. This naturally helps in creating good rapport with the interviewer.

Avoiding of Grammatical Errors:

Proofreading of the letter is most important to avoid any kind of grammatical and spelling errors. If you are not an expert in English, then it would wise to handover work to a resume writing service with all your information to them. Confirm the letter entirely before sending it to the recipient with CV.

Sample Cover Letter

Writing a killer covering letter is not an easy task. It requires lot of patience and understanding about the job requirement. Many recruiters if asked for the letter will read it first and come to the conclusion. Even the recruiter hasn’t asked for the cover letter, still it will be good choice to write one and send along. With it you need to convey messages like:
• You have reviewed company website and have understood the business
• You believe you are fit to the organization and will do your best with responsibility given

The Conclusion:

One needs to consider covering letter as a piece of business writing or a sales tool that allows the recruiter to consider hiring for the position. Summarizing everything in three paragraphs crisply will genuinely help in landing you the job. Whether you are sending in emailing format or word format, don’t miss the opportunity to get fit for the job. The entire process of formatting and selecting the word is to turning it as call to action.

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There are a hundred things that one is ready to do when it comes to job hunt. From finding contacts to developing skills, every step makes you closer to your dream job. Cover letters are an essential part of your job process that enhances your chances of being called. The article talks about seven ways that will certainly make the recruiter smile and then call you.

An e-mail pop up today tells you that the job opening you have been waiting for is finally there and now is the chance to climb the success ladder you have always wanted to. There is a checklist that you make checking all your skills, educational qualifications and professional qualifications that are neatly summed up in what we call as a resume. Before working on the resume, it is very important to understand the importance of cover letter and what is that the recruiters are not looking in a cover letter.

Why do you need a cover letter?

The importance of cover letter cannot be overstated. You can spend hours or rather days in making the perfect resume, but an under stated cover letter may just land you nowhere. This introductory document can help your resume leap to the top of the pile. The majority of the recruiters believe that cover letters are important when evaluating an employee. Even today when the job application process has moved online, the importance of cover letter is still vital.

This video below tells you why cover letter is important:

There are three factors that can be influential on for prospective employer. You need to tell the employer that you are:

For a successful selection, you need to tell the recruiter all of this and you can start with the very first document that represents you; your cover letter. You can either make it or break it at the very first step.

7 Ways that help you make a pleasing cover letter

Here are a few ways to make a cover letter that will conveys talent and passion and will not only make your day but will surely make the recruiter or the hiring manager smile.

#1: Specify why are you interested in the company?

Make the employers feel special. Tell them why you choose them over the others. You need to specifically tell them why you want to join them. Try being unique and state reasons that others are not thinking about.

Example:I have been really impressed how graciously your team has taken care of our needs as customers. Keeping the inspiration in mind, I want to be the part of this generous team and please its existing customers in a traditional yet innovative way”

Make it visible that you get the company culture and get to know the company like a person. Also, your cover letter format should vary according to an organization. If you are applying to a core business company, you should stick to your accomplishments. On the other hand, if you are applying to a PR firm or an advertising agency then you can add a creative and snappy element to your cover letter.

#2: Underline what can you deliver

Underline what you can deliver for a specific job that you are applying to. Study the key responsibilities and understand how you can make the recruiters believe that you fit in. This is not a general proclamation of “I am the best” but an analysis of key requirements of the job and making it clear to the employer that you can deliver the specific requirements of the role.

#3: Do not include that is already on your resume

Yes facts are important! But you can leave that to your resume. In your cover letter you can try including a story that narrates your fascination of getting attached to the organization.

What mostly goes wrong in a cover letter is that people write their resumes in a paragraph form when told to write a cover letter. Do not make this mistake and instead include stories that make the recruiters believe that you have a serious passion towards the job and the company.

#4: Avoid “To Whom it may concern”

You just cannot generalize a cover letter. You have to make an effort and find the right person to it must be addressed. Sources like LinkedIn can easily let you find about who is the right person to come in contact with when applying for the job.
You may address it to the concerned HR of the company, but avoid general addressing statements like ‘To whom it may concern’, Dear Sir/Madame and more. In case you are not able to find who to address, address nobody.

#5: More use of “you” rather than “me”, “I” and “myself”

Do not talk about yourself and why you are perfect for the job. Instead talk about why the company is perfect for you and how you can grow because of the company. Remember you are one of the many applicants and each one thinks that they belong to the company.

#6: Make a strong closing

A strong closing would mean how your experience has helped the previous organizations grow. Do not talk about your role, rather summarize your achievements in a sentence or two and let the company know that you can be beneficial for them as well.

#7: Personalize your cover letter for every job that you apply

Employers expect a personalized cover letter that shows them that you are fit for the position and you are a valuable candidate who is worth their time for an interview at least. Using a single cover for every job that you apply can be a mistake that you do not to make. Make sure that every job you are applying for has a different cover letter that addresses someone in the company and as mentioned earlier not to someone it may concern.

In the End

It is a common notion that most people are so intimidated by cover letter that they completely skip it. But as a matter of fact most employers do not even go through the applications that do not have a cover letter attached to them. Your resume may showcase a perfect picture of you, but remember that a cover letter is the marketing document that sells and not the resume.

So if you want to land up for an interview, it is important that you pay attention to your cover letter and draft it the right way.

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