A Barking Dog Seldom Bites Essay Format

An –ing form can be used in several different ways. Sometimes it is used like a present participle. Sometimes it is used like an adjective. It can also be used like a noun or an adverb.

State whether the –ing forms used in the following sentences are adjectives or present participles.

1. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

a) Rolling is an adjective

b) Rolling is a present participle

2. That was an interesting book.

a) Interesting is an adjective

b) Interesting is a present participle

3. You are smoking too much.

a) Smoking is a present participle

b) Smoking is an adjective

4. He put the smoking cigarette end in the ashtray.

a) Smoking is a present participle

b) Smoking is an adjective

5. The delay was maddening.

a) Maddening is an adjective

b) Maddening is a present participle

6. She is waiting for us.

a) Waiting is an adjective

b) Waiting is a present participle

7. The scenery was enchanting.

a) Enchanting is an adjective

b) Enchanting is a present participle

8. Barking dogs seldom bite.

a) Barking is an adjective

b) Barking is a present participle

9. The news was distressing.

a) Distressing is an adjective

b) Distressing is a present participle

10. Interesting though it was, I didn’t like the film.

a) Interesting is an adjective

b) Interesting is a present participle


1. Rolling is an adjective

2. Interesting is an adjective

3. Smoking is a present participle.

4. Smoking is an adjective.

5. Maddening is an adjective.

6. Waiting is a present participle.

7. Enchanting is an adjective.

8. Barking is an adjective.

9. Distressing is an adjective.

10. Interesting is an adjective.


When an –ing form is used to make continuous tenses, it acts like a present participle.

When an –ing form is used to modify a noun, it acts like an adjective. –ing forms used like subject complements are also adjectives.


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Proverb Expansion


Dogs are expected to bark and bite. They guard our homes from intruders. Whenever they see a stranger, they bark. There are dogs that bark too much. It is a fact that such dogs rarely bite. They only try to frighten people away by their loud bark. On the contrary, there are dogs that do not bark too much. Around us we find people who talk too much without meaning anything serious. They utter big threats, but are not capable of putting them into practice. Instead, people who remain quiet are to be watched. They believe more in practice than in mere talk. If they mean to do something, they would not waste time on un­necessary threats. They speak after they put into practice whatever they mean.

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