Optional Insurance Assignment Roger Wehr Answers

ECON 2305 | WehrOptional Insurance Assignment1.What is meant by V.E.R.?... V.I.E.?... M.I.T.I.?... G.A.T.T.?... W.T.O.?... F.T.A.A.?...V.E.R.?... Voluntary export restraintsV.I.E.?... Variable import expansionM.I.T.I.?... Ministry of international Trade and IndustryG.A.T.T.?... General Agreement on Tariffs and TradesW.T.O.?... World Trade OrganizationN.A.F.T.A… North American Free Trade Agreement F.T.A.A.?... Free trade area of the Americas2.What is meant by rational expectations? Real business cycle theory?-Rational Expectation – New Keynesian. the players in an economy will partially affect what happens to the economy in the future-Real Business Cycle Theory:1. Only real variables can affect other real variables, a nominal variable should not be able to affect a real variable.2. Money (a nominal variable) can not affect output (a real variable). Money neutrality.3. Technology (a real variable) can be used to explain EXPANSIONS in the business cycle.3.What is meant by hysteresis? Which branch of economics is associated with it?-Hysteresis is a new Keynesian belief that a shock in the short-run can have long-run effects on output. –New Keynesian Economics4.Which variables are considered to be real variables (as opposed to nominal variables)?-Real: Land, Labor, Capitol, Entrepreneurship, Technology-Nominal: Money, Price5.What is the “beige book”? What is “the Fed”? … “BUBBA”? … “BOJ”? … “EMU”?-Beige book - is a report of what is happening in each of the 12 districts. Oil, national defense. The “Fed” – Federal ReserveBUBBA – Bundesbunk – German Central BankBOJ – Bank of JapanEMU – European monetary union – link monetary and trade policy6.Using two currencies such as the franc and the peso, illustrate the relationship between the two international money markets: peso/franc & franc/peso1 = 0.068 ₣ / 1 ₣ = 14.64 ₱₱7.–

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