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Emile Durkheim, whose writings still exert a great influence over sociological thought, has often been called the father of the sociology of education. He lectured extensively on the subject, and was convinced of its necessary place in social theory. But his work cannot be fully understood unless it is realized that he had an overriding concern form morals. He saw the relationship between morals and education as almost that of theory to practice, yet he never wrote a systematic work on the subject of morals, although for some time he planned such a book and managed just before he died in 1917 to write the opening introduction. This collection of Durkheim’s work on morals and education brings together many items translated into English for the first time. A wide selection of articles, reviews and discussions has been included in this book, covering such subjects as, defining morals, the science of morality, moral facts, relativism, the relation of science to morality; and in education, problems of definition, childhood, sex education, Rousseau’s ‘Emile’, teaching secular morality and the effectiveness of moral doctrines. The book also included an introduction to each of the two sections, as well as bibliographies which deal with Durkheim’s own works on morals and education, together with those covering references to his writing on these subjects written by others.

eISBN: 978-0-227-90253-0

Subjects: Education, Philosophy

In today’s world man, machine and money are the modern day trinity where as morality is just a casualty. As a result of this, our society has been suffering from much of corruption, exploitation, merciless killings, casteism, communalism, terrorism and a total crisis of character. In addition, schools have been facing unhealthy behavioral and indiscipline problems from students. All this needs to be reformed. But who is to bell the cat? It is we, the children, who have to complete that task. In this essay further, I shall explain importance of moral education in schools and how it helps our society to beat from above stated social evils.

Every child possesses the potential to become the builder of an ideal society. What it needs is a proper cultivation of good morals at a young age to develop positive social attitudes and make him a useful, complete and perfect person. The great goal of education is not to cosmetically furnish the minds to produce doctors and engineers but to develop the sense of right, duty, honour, love of God and humanity by imparting moral education in schools. With this, students can improve overall behavior with their teachers and society too.

In addition, when they grow, they will bring strong foundation to beat social evils. Many schools have been searching the reasons of depreciation in moral values and they have been working for developing good moral values among the students. However moral values are integrated part of the education and it is great emphasized in almost all countries. Generally Moral Education is not a specific subject for schools but it is taught under different subjects like languages, literature, supplementary reading books etc. Moral Education is taught as a separate subject like Moral Science in a few schools.

Schools have been doing several efforts to manipulate the moral values among the students. The syllabus is designed such type to combine many moral values by stories, poems and by many lessons. Sometimes textbooks include many inspirational lessons about the great persons so that students may learn by their life.


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