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Summary/Analysis Paper Instructions for Fools Crow

US History 1865-Present Summer 2010

Posting #1 (Up to Chapter 10) Due:6/14 by 11:00 PM

Posting #2 (Up to Chapter 17) Due:6/18 by 11:00 PM

Posting #3 (Up to Chapter 25) Due:6/22 by 11:00 PM

Posting #4 (Up to the end) Due:6/27 by 11:00 PM

Quiz Must Be Taken By:6/29 by 11:00 PM

Paper Due:7/5 by 11:00 PM

This paper should include your responses to the book Fools Crow. The paper should answer ALL of the Questions for Consideration.Feel free to comment on other information from the book and I encourage you to make links to lecture and discussions, and any appropriate web pages.Direct quotes must have quotation marks and the page number on which they appear should also be included (see instructions on the back of this page).These papers must be typed, double-spaced, and well written (correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.).There is no page requirement, but it will probably take at least 1,000 words.

The easiest way to organize this paper is to answer each question in its own paragraph or series of paragraphs.If you would rather write a single essay that incorporates all of the answers to the Questions for Consideration, that is fine.The layout/organization of this paper is entirely up to you.

Questions for Consideration

1.     How did different characters react to the policies adopted by the US government and the increasing numbers of settlers in the West?(hint:you may want to choose three of four main characters who show a variety of responses, like Fools Crow, Rides-at-the-door, Heavy Runner, Fast Horse, Owl Child, etc.)

2.     Describe some examples of the ways in which Euro-American ideas, culture or other items impacted the lives of the Blackfeet.Which item do you think had the biggest impact?Explain.

3.     What was life like for women in the Blackfeet nation?

4.     What evidence from the novel shows that religion/spirituality was important to the Blackfeet?How/why did individual's attitudes toward their ceremonies change throughout the course of the novel?

5.     What are some of the strengths/weaknesses of this book as a source to learn about Native American history?(Here are some ideas:What was the author's background?Was the book believable/credible?Why/why not?How would you evaluate the author's writing style?This would also be a good place to make links between the book and web pages).

Citation Format Style

1.     Italicize the titles of books or ships.

2.     Spell out all numbers between zero and nine.

3.     Watch verb-tense; usually past tense is best to use while writing, but the paper may be written using either past or present tense.Just make sure to be consistent.

4.     Try to avoid over-use of quotations, but any quotation longer than four lines should be indented five spaces and single-spaced (rather than double-spaced).If/when this is done there is no need for quotation marks.

5.     A source MUST be cited and/or included in the bibliography when a:

a)     Direct quote is taken from a source.

b)    Series of sentences or a paragraph are paraphrased.For example, if some words are changed around there must be an in-text citation and an item must be included in the bibliography.

c)     Source is consulted (even if nothing is quoted or paraphrased) it must be included in the bibliography.

6.     When providing a citation within the body of this paper in-text citation style is fine.Citation examples are below:

a)     Example of how a direct quote or paraphrase taken from the book you are assigned to read should be cited (only the page number is needed):

“The Geneva Accords of 1954 reflected these influences” (41).

b)    Example of how to cite a direct quote taken from a website or a source other than the assigned book (for a website only the author is needed):

“On Good Friday, April 14, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theatre in Washington by John Wilkes Booth, an actor, who somehow thought he was helping the South” (White House).

7.     If a source other than the book that is assigned is used, a bibliography is required.The bibliography page should be the last page of the paper and entries should be organized in alphabetical order according to author (not numbered).Entries should also be single-spaced within the entry and double-spaced between each entry.

a)     For websites, include the author (if one is listed), the title, the complete URL address of your website and the date it was accessed.

White House. “Abraham Lincoln.”

Accessed 20, May 2010.

Visions and Dreams in James Welch’s Fools Crow

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Visions and Dreams in James Welch’s Fools Crow

In the novel Fools Crow, by James Welch, several characters have visions and dreams. The dreams are so realistic that they are a vision of what's to come in the future. A lot of the visions and dreams become a message or some type of warning to the people so that they are aware of thing that are going to happen. Many of these dreams that the characters have affect them positively or in a disastrous way leading to misfortune.

The first dream is a dream that White-Man's Dog known as "Fools Crow," has while he is on the first raid against the Crows. He dreamt of a lodge within an enemy camp containing young naked girls. As one of the girls approached him, he began to awake. After his awaking, he felt that in his dream he wanted to approach the girl but knew that there was danger in her direction. He kept thinking that he should tell Yellow Kidney, their leader, of this dream but his father had told him that it was not wise to speak of your dreams to others. After the raid, Yellow Kidney did not return with the others. Several months later he returned to their homestead and began to tell of what had happened to him. He had entered the enemy camp and discovered the lodge of young naked girls. The girls were infected with the white scabs disease; he had sexual contact with one of them and almost died. White Man's Dog felt horrible and blamed himself for what happened to Yellow Kidney. He thought to himself "Why hadn't he told Yellow Kidney of his dream? Such a dream would have been a sign of bad medicine and they might have turned back" (76).

The second dream is a dream that Mik-api, the medicine man, has about the raven. The raven was a bird that had heard a cry of a four-legged creature named the wolverine. The wolverine had crossed through one of the Crow's caged traps and could not escape. When the raven tried to free the wolverine, he was not of strength to succeed. He told Mik-api in his dream that he knew of White Man's Dog and the strength he pertained. "It will take such a man to release our four-legged brother" (52). Mik-api told White Man's Dog of this dream and he agreed to find the wolverine and set him free.

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On his journey to find the creature, he came across the raven. The raven led him to the wolverine and White Man's Dog was afraid the wolverine would bite him. The wolverine had been trapped four days and was so frail that he could not even cry out for help. White Man's Dog released the creature and the raven told him of what to dream about. "Dream of all that has happened here today. Of all the two-leggeds, you alone posess the magic of Skunk Bear. You will fear nothing, and you will have many horses and wives" (58). Because of this dream and the task that followed, White Man's Dog gained no fear and magic.

Another dream that leads to the future is a dream that White Man's Dog and Kills-close-to-the-lake both have. In the dream that White Man's Dog undergoes, he runs into the wolverine again. The wolverine had got himself stuck again and White Man's Dog had to release him once again. The wolverine thanked him this time by giving him a slender white stone and told him to carry it with him into battle and sing his song. After the wolverine disappeared, White Man's Dog noticed that there was someone in the trees that had been watching them. It was Kills-close-to-the-lake. She was one of his father's wives and he had desired her many times before. She was naked and did not even try to put her clothes on. They felt desire for one another and laid together naked and fell asleep. A few days later, White Man's Dog saw Kills-close-to-the-lake. She seemed different to him and he saw that she had a finger missing. When he asked her why she had a missing finger, she told him of her dream. Her dream was almost the same dream but the wolverine bit her finger off because of her desiring White Man's Dog. He turned her finger into a white stone, the same white stone that he had given White Man's Dog in his dream. Kills-close-to-the-lake told White Man's Dog that after the event, she placed the stone next to him while he was sleeping for good luck and fortune.

In these dreams that White Man's Dog and Mik-api had, the future was definitely known in them. White Man's Dog gained no fear, good luck, and strength from them as well. Kills-close-to-the-lake is the one who experienced the misfortune by losing her finger. Throughout this novel there are many more dreams that the characters have to let them know of the future and to warn them of danger. It makes you wonder if dreams can really send out some kind of message to people to let them know about the future.


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