Through The Looking Glass Scholarship Winners Essays

Caitlin H. Bolingbrook, IL

Major: Marine Science

Sandy Beach, “Wave Magazine,” asked 10 Marine experts who should receive this scholarship, here’s what they’ve said:

-Caitlin Harding turns her dreams of becoming a marine biologist into real world activities.
I. Ron Sheff, author: Sustainable Sushi.

-Ms. Harding has taken many challenging courses in high school and was recently named an Illinois State Scholar.
Ima Sturgeon, Dean, School of Fish.

-C. Harding was inspired by her attendance at the Washington Youth Summit for the Environment this past summer.
Jett Stream, anchor, “Mild Weather Review.”

-Caitlin Harding would like her experience as a volunteer at the Shedd Aquarium to develop into a career.
C. Turtle, author: The Shell Game.

-Ms. Harding wants to protect and enrich the world’s marine waters as a Marine Biologist.
Cali Mari, Ink International.

-The more Caitlin Harding studies biology, the more she realizes that it is a career for her.
Ay Eels Extraordinaire editors.

-C. Harding sees dolphins and can practically hear them calling:”Work with us.”
Dolf Inne, proprietor, Key West Bed and Breakfast.

-Ms. Harding’s experiences as a scuba diver have only strengthened her motivation to work towards a career as a Biologist.
Barry O. Reef, Inc., Dive master.

-Caitlin Harding sees things such as the devastation produced by the recent BP Oil Spill, and she wants to help out.
Jonah, “Whale Digest.”

-I predict Ms. Caitlin Harding will become as big an expert on Marine Mammals as Jack Hannah is on zoos. She’s cuter, too!
Captain Ahab, mariner.

Through the Looking Glass Scholarship for 2015 entry is now open. High School Seniors and College students are welcome to apply this scholarship. The selection of the candidates will be based on their academic performance, service in community and the quality of their essay. In 2016, up 15 best applicants will be selected to receive $1,000 per person. The next application deadline is 1 March 2016.

Scholarship Description
2016 Scholarship Applications Now Available Through the Looking Glass and its National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families are pleased to announce new scholarships specifically for high school seniors or college students who have parents with disabilities.

Scholarship Value
A total of fifteen $1000 scholarships will be given out Fall 2016.

Level and Area of Studies
High School Seniors and college level in any field of studies.

Place of Study
In the United States of America

Eligibility and Criteria
High School Seniors and College students have different criteria. Please learn the criteria website link below.

Applicants’ Nationality
U.S students may apply this scholarship.

Application Instruction
The application form can be downloaded at the application link below. Further instruction of the application procedure also can be seen there.

Submission Deadline
1 March 2016

Website and Application Link


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