A Mischievous Puppy Essay

Describing a Dog

Describing a dog can be a very fun filled writing exercise. Almost everyone loves dogs and that always shines through in an assignment on our canine friends. There are 3 different levels in this post. Level 1 is in Basic English and it goes up to Level 3 which is Intermediate English. The grids are to be read downwards but it may be easier just to pluck out any words you find useful and mix them up for your essay. If you are a student I hope this helps you with your assignment. God bless for now and take care.



Describing a Dog




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A   puppyA   handbag dogA   LabradorA   German ShepherdA   Rottweiler
EYESjade-greenjewel-greenmolten-brownmocha-brownhuman   eyeslagoon-bluetawny-yellowwolf-yellowfeistyCharles   Manson
FURsilkyvelvetypolishedglossyburnishedlustrousscragglyscruffyblack   and tanmidnight hue
PAWShedgehog   pawracoon   pawslong   clawsmanicuredsoft   padsfur   coveredclumpy pawssplayed   pawsbear-likesaucer big
TAILwaggingcutepom-pom tailmarshmallowtuftystreamlinedbushyspringystumpybony
TEETHlike   arrow tipslike   needlessharp   teethcuttingpointy   caninesivory-whitevicious   incisorshuge   fangsdagger-like   broken glass
BARKyippingyelpingyappingplayfula woofdeep   rumblegrowlingsnarlingbottled   thunderslavering
BODY   SHAPEtinycuddlyleanwhip-thinlithegracefulpowerfulaerodynamiciron   musclesoak-tough
OTHER   FEATURESmessywobbly   on his feet flea collarbegging for food floppy earswet nosewolfish headgreat sentinel apex dogaggressive

LEVEL 1: A puppy

1. My puppy has a very childlike face.

2. He has beautiful, jade-green eyes.

3. His fur is silky and smooth.

4. He has tiny, hedgehogpaws.

5. Wagging his tail is his favourite activity!

6. He is very playful and a joy to be around.

7. His teeth are as sharp as needles.

8. He is always yelping at the cat.

9. I love him because he is so cuddly.

10. Sometimes he can be very wobbly on his feet.

LEVEL 2: A handbag dog

We own a handbag dog. That at least is what my mother calls her, probably because she takes him shopping in her handbag. She is a miniature Yorkshire terrier and she is a delight. Her most attractive quality is that she is friendly to everyone, especially children. They love her molten-brown eyes and her glossyfur. She also has the cutest little paws. They are like a fox’s paws and she loves to dig up the garden with them. She also has a small, marshmallow tail. It is soft and white so we just call it the marshmallow.

She can be very ladylike and fussy about her food at times. She turns her nose up at dog food but would snap your hand off for a chocolate digestive. Her small, sharp teeth make short work of any treats we give her. She is always playful and that is why we adore her. Her whip-thin body is very energetic. I’m sure she believes she’s a gazelle or a cheetah at times! Although she can be as temperamental as a human child, we wouldn’t swop her for anything.


Labrador’s are such a contrary bunch. Yes, they’re cuddly and playful but I find that there’s a dark side to them sometimes.

My guy (Elvis is his name) will be lying by the fire on a winter’s night dreaming his doggy dreams when, suddenly, out of nowhere, he will emit a blood-curdling growl. He looks like Cujo when he does that, with his teeth bared and the hackles rising on his neck. I often wonder if he is chasing an imaginary rabbit or a burglar when he’s dreaming. Maybe it’s just the last remnants of wolfdom coming to the surface. He’s never exhibited aggression towards me but it would make one think all the same…….

When he switches back to Labrador mode, he is quite the character. His eyes become mellow and warm again and they glow with a lagoon-blue sheen. He has great physical qualities also. His fur is burnished, almost coppery, and he bounces along with energy on those soft pads of his. Blessed with a streamlinedtail for balance, he is the most hyperactive and agile dog I’ve ever befriended.

He is an athlete, or thinks he is, when we take him to the park. His speciality is the discus (known as the Frisbee to us). It doesn’t seem to matter what angle you throw it to him. He will contort his body in all manner of impossible ways just to jump up and pluck it out of the air. My own opinion is that we should have a doggie Olympics to celebrate these wonderful specimens of the animal world.

There is no doubt in my mind that they would, if given the choice, prefer it to being pawed by a bunch of strangers at Crofts. It must be so humiliating to be voted Best Dog in the World and to get a crumbly biscuit and a cruddy bunch of flowers that you can’t even pee on because they’re wrapped in plastic. Give ‘em a gold medal, I say, and damn the begrudgers. Dogs don’t want ivorywhite teeth and manicured nails. They want to let out deep, throaty rumbles and a gold medal celebrating their 1st position as the apex predator. Someday some genius is going to invent a doggie translator. NASA probably has it already but must be keeping it for the dolphins.

And do you know what the first doggie talker ever is going to say? He is going to put on a wounded tone and ask us:

“What have you been DOING these last 7,000 years ?!!!”

Then he is going to issue a list of demands. These are just the first three:

1. Stop breeding us to chase cats. It’s tiring.

2. Bones are irresistible but cause toothache in later life. Stop giving them to us.

3. We don’t require compliments because we don’t understand you. Just lash on a steak and give us a bunch of biscuits. We will get it.

So the next time you look at your lithe, graceful Labrador, just remember; lose the flattery and fill his stomach. Maybe that’s why he’s been growling at the fire…..

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Like this:



Dogs are better than cats

Dogs and cats are two animals commonly kept as pets at home; dogs are considered a man’s best friend compared to cats because dogs have a special connection with humans. Most homeowners prefer keeping dogs than cats because they make ideal pets due to their unique qualities. Dogs are the most loyal pets to their owners they can read our communication cues; dogs are the most helpful animals during dire situations. Furthermore, dogs are stronger animals compared to cats; dogs usually protect us within our homes. Housedogs are effective and offer better protection than burglar alarms.

Dogs protect us from not only thieves but also from disasters like fire. Several incidences have been highlighted where dogs have rescued its owner by pulling them out of the fire.   Keeping a dog has numerous benefits compared to having a cat, especially if the dog is well trained. A trained dog can help with work around the house like picking up small objects using his mouth. Cats do not get involved in any work; cats lay around the house the whole day.

Recent research studies have listed the many benefits of keeping a dog, according to research, most dog owners have lower blood pressure compared to those who do not own dogs and are less likely to develop any serious health problem. Dogs are playful and engage their owners in different activities throughout the day making the stay active. Owning a dog is like having a loyal friend to talk to, to laugh with and taking short walks in the evening.

Even though dogs can be annoying at times when they bark without any reason waking you up at night as compared to cats that do not make loud sounds. The positive side of keeping a dog is that they can be persistent especially when the owner is in danger. This can be of benefit especially when the house is on fire or when someone is trying to break into the house.

Compared to cats, a dog’s sense of smell can be of benefit to humans compared to cats; dogs can be trained to use simple gadgets and respond to cretin commands installed in various gadgets to perform certain tasks. Dogs are used to fight crime; they can detect bombs, illegal drugs and detect any dangerous situation before it happens.  Trained dogs are used to manage certain diseases; these dogs have the ability to detect heart attack within 12 hours before the incident occurs. A trained dog will wag his tail, when and bark with anxiety hours before the seizure occur.

Dogs have been proven helpful animal compared to cats; studies reveal that when children are exposed to dog dust and early age, their risk of developing allergies or asthma significantly reduces compared to when children are exposed to cats. Health wise, dogs, have several benefits compared to cats, dogs are the most loyal creatures, and they are energetic, smart, playful and very active animal. On the other hand, cats are lazy and destructive animal, which sometimes can be annoying, especially when they bring dead animals in the house that is why dogs are better. When it comes to choosing the best pet between a dog and a cat, I would prefer keeping dogs than cats because dogs are friendly, loyal and helpful around the house.


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