Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Citizen Essay

Good citizen is country developer. Good citizen programs their daily life activities for the benefits of other. Good citizens can share their experiences and knowledge with new generation. Good citizens respect national anthem and other symbols, they give vote, encourage other to vote, work for the country not for political parties, avoid storing black money, they try and  learn internet banking and cashless economy, help to solve the problems of others, they help to protect environment. Good citizen protect and respect the rights of others citizens, they are very good employees, they educate girls and empower them, they support more love than war. Good citizens are the real asset for the country. Good citizens help in the economic, social, educational, environmental development of the country. Citizens compromise in unplanned decisions of governments. So, do you want explanation and want to know how to become and how to be good citizens then read the complete article on good citizens:

List of 16 things with explanation to be an inspiring citizen from today

  1. Share your experiences and knowledge with other people: – Knowledge is the power but it will be when executed successfully. If you’re experienced in writing, designing, business or anything then share it with others. It will help people to become successful. When they will successful GDP will grow. When you help other to become successful then you will be successful. So, to be a good citizen start sharing your experience with fresher’s, new employees, teammates and children’s.
  2. Vote in elections and encourage others to vote: – Voting is fundamental rights of citizens and we only have one option to change that we don’t like. If you don’t like the government and its policy or a leader then vote against. If you like then vote in favour. You can also encourage and teach others the importance of voting in democracy. But don’t force others to vote for the leader you think will be good. A good citizen vote during the election. Good citizen never force other to vote for their supported people.
  3. Work for Country not for political parties: – Good citizen of any country not work or support political relations. They work for the country and the development of citizens. If you’re active in the politics then it’s good to spread the awareness and development polices of your political party. But else don’t work and support any political party and only give vote for favourite and best candidate in the elections. Why? Because political parties are the main resources behind corruption, casteism, communalism etc. especially in India. If you want proof, then why political parties are not under RTI act? Because they are policy maker and they don’t do it that will harm the comfort of the chair. They divide and rule the citizens of country. And I don’t think supporting any political party today in India can help in our Integrity and sovereignty. I hope election commission of India will look on this in future. They can make a rule for political parties that help Indian citizens to save and develop integrity and sovereignty to a new level. Such as to include all political parties under RTI Act if they do it then all the political parties are accountable under the transparency law.
  4. Avoid storing black money: – I hope with my PM of India Mr. Narender Modi that people now avoid storing black money. After a surgical strike on Black money 8th November 2016, the day was remembered for action oriented decision.  Black money holders are people who are earning by the use of Government machinery included with citizens and not paying the taxes. If we all pay taxes on it will help government to implement citizens related development schemes. So, to be good citizens of country you should pay taxes on time.
  5. Try to use cashless transactions: – Government of India wants to promote cashless economy. There are advantages and disadvantages of cashless transactions for the citizens of India. New and younger generation taking the advantages of Debit Card and Credit cards but it’s very tough for the common citizens who’re not that much tech savvy. It’s tough for farmers and daily need seller or cash based business model people. So, we can try to teach others about Internet banking, debit card, mobile wallets, pos machines and bitcoins (internet currency) use and the benefits of bank account. Government also needs to promote and advertise the benefits of cashless or plastic money. I don’t mean here that the people who’re not using plastic money are not good citizens. But we need to think about the benefits that will happen for us after the use of such technologies. So, my point is here that if government of India is taking step for the development of their citizens then we need to support if it is proper managed and planned. Good citizens try to teach others about such facilities and precautions. The planning and this innovative idea need citizens and analyst to execute such ideas.
  6. Think before you like and share something on social media and YouTube:- Today anything can go viral. It’s because we’re very much active on social media more than reading books or planting trees. It’s good as far it is for the benefits of citizens. Sometime bad things go viral more than good things. People like celebrity’s photos more than Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes. In this case a small incident can become big political drama. You can see that bad things and anti-national activities or things that spread the casteism, communalism will become poplar. Political parties using social media to black mail citizens of India. They hired marketing companies and people who can comment badly on the post of opposition’s leaders. This is really bad and shameful activities for such people and companies involved with political parties marketing. If the truth is promoted by likes and bad comments and especially the poorest standard of communication then I think that is not truth. I only suggest and hope that you will only like and share the things that help to explore the strength, education and unity of our country. To be a good citizen think before you like, share and comment on something on social media and YouTube after today.
  7. Help to solve problems of others:- A good citizens is the solution for country. Be a problem solver for your neighbours and in society. Be famous for good human being. If you’re businessmen then help others by presenting such products that solve the problems. If you’re teacher then try to solve the problems of students. If you’re writer, write something that help in the development of your country etc. If you’re good citizen then help other to become good. As the idea I saw in the movie “Jai Ho” in which hero promote helping chain. If someone helped you, don’t say thank you, help other 2 people if you want to say real thank you. I don’t the script but this kind of practices can be done or write by good citizens.
  8. Participate in environmental protection activities:- Good citizens support environmental activities. They plant trees. They use recycled products. They participate and provide volunteer services for free when needed for benefits environmental protection activities. Good citizens are aware about the losses their generation will get if they didn’t try to reduce the pollution level. Clean India programs are one of those programs in which citizens participate. To be a good citizens grow plants, trees and help to save our environment for new generation to breath in the good quality air. As you know the pollution is increasing day by industrialisation and other things too. For example Odd Even formula to reduce pollution level in Delhi initiated by Government of Delhi but the people of Delhi turn it into great success. This is how citizens can together change the bad conditions of environment into great. Citizens of all states of country need to analyse this and we have to support and promote such activities. For example if we can use more hand carted items then it will also help to protect pollution.
  9. Follow the saving and good spending habits:- Saving is necessity of world in this century. Good citizens save water, electricity, save petrol by not using vehicles, save LPG gas, they save money for future in the bank, they save time etc. such small savings habits can turn India into developed and most powerful nation of the World. To be a good human being its great practices they you can implement and encourage others to do it. Also think about your money, water, electricity spending habits.
  10. Be a good government or private employee:- Good human being always good citizens. Good citizens are good employees. No matter they are doing private job or government job. They love their work. To be a good citizen we need to become good employee of the company or government. We have to provide great services, we have to protect government infrastructure. We need to helpful for the citizens of our country. Good citizens doing government jobs work hard for the development. Similar in the private sector if teacher teaching students practical skills and more practical knowledge then their students will get job. Today, there are so many degree holders in India but less people are skilled. This is the mistake of leaders, bureaucrats and teacher. Good government employees address such problem and provide great solutions. To reduce unemployment rate we have to become innovative citizens. Citizens who’re self-confident, skilled, honest and hardworking.
  11. Respect national symbols and the rights of others:-We all need to respect the fundamental rights of each other citizens. Good citizens never underestimate the power of people. Good citizens get knowledge about their fundamental rights and they use it for the personal and social development. If you want to be a good citizens learn about the fundamental rights and think are you following or using or are you respecting the rights of other citizens of your country. This is a good practice to become a good citizen. Good citizen also respect the national symbols. Good citizen respect it and they do not Photoshop Indian rupees sign, national flag, National emblem, National anthem and all other national symbol of the country. As Supreme Court today (30/11/2016) ordered to play the national Anthem before movie. It’s a duty form today and citizens are bound to show respect. This is great decision and I am fully support the order of Supreme Court of India. But my curiosity is, why Supreme Court not giving order to play national anthem in Parliament, all government offices and private companies too. It cost little government infrastructure but not that much. It will increase our Integrity and sovereignty.
  12. Spread awareness about good people and businesses:- There are bad people and good people. Good people are good citizen. Bad people are bad citizens. But who we’re to judge this. Some person is good or bad. We’re no-one and we don’t have to do it. The solution is when you promote good people and business. Bad people and business will fail. This is simple and easiest way. When you’re satisfied with any product then help to spread the awareness about that product with others. When you’re satisfied with any services then help to promote that services within your friend circle. Good things and good citizens need to be promoted they need to go viral. And only good citizens can make such good things viral. So it’s another great practice in which good citizens are promoted and it helps in the development of our country.
  13. Follow the government rules & law:- Good citizens follow government rules. They follow traffic signal lights; they don’t park their vehicles anywhere in the road. They don’t smoke in public places. They don’t miss use public and private property and transportation. Good citizens go office on time. They are not the part of traffic Jams. Good citizens follow the rules and their duties towards nation. Some citizens even do better than government rules. Governments protect our fundamental rights and allow us to live freely. It’s our duties as a good citizen to follow the rules and inspire others to do it better.
  14. Educate girls and respect them:-Education is play very important role in our life. As a good citizen we need to get education. We also need to be updated with latest news and rules. We also need to provide education to our children. A good citizen also inspires other people to educate their children too. They don’t only educate boys but girls too. In the development of any nation Girls are the Key. A good citizen respect girls and they don’t abuse them. It’s very shameful when such bad people do it. Woman’s education and empowerment is really important. If you respect your sister then respect others sisters too. When you respect your mother then respect other mother too. Its great way to be a good citizen. Every nation need Love not war to be developed. We can’t become the powerful citizens or country if we cannot love people and do not respect their rights and freedom.
  15. Avoid jealousy & anger:-This is poison that makes us rude and bad citizen. JALO MAT REES KARO. To be a good citizen stop arrogance and be a part of good people. Be honest and trustworthy. Be a supportive friend, husband, brother and sister. Avoid bad company and people. Avoid those all things that harm you from inside and outside. This is a great practice to become a good citizen.
  16. Be fit and healthy:- A country with healthy citizens is more powerful than the country with more hospitals. Get up early in the morning. There are so many advantage that only successful people will get. Not all successful people are good citizens. But you saw that senior citizens get up early in the morning. They are following these great habits from their childhood. We as younger generation need to be fit and healthy for career development. To be a good citizen do exercise and yoga. Eat good food and also provide food for others. Don’t waste the food. If you’re fit and healthy and if you follow healthy habits your kids and neighbour will follow you. The groups of few people inspire the other group of people. Those groups of good citizen inspire whole city, village, state and country. This is way for the development of a country and it is start from our first step.

That’s all friends, what I think so far about to be a good citizen. I am also following above good citizen practices. It’s really hard to follow good habits when people around you don’t care about it. But I want to say one thing. The change starts from you. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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One of my former students asked me to help him out on a college assignment. He wants a list oof seven or eight characteristics of a good citizen. Here's my first crack at it (but I'd love to hear your additions/amendments):

1) Care. Citizens should be concerned about the good of their fellow citizens. "Empathy" is a bad word in some political circles because it's associated with advocating for big government solutions to social problems, but caring can manifest in a lot of different ways. It could be private acts of caring, collaborative work through religious institutions, civic groups, or labor unions, actions by private companies, or government activity. Regardless of the mechanism, good citizens care for one another.

2) Be involved. If a democracy is going to function, we have to remember that it's a country run by We the People. If we choose to sit on the sidelines and complain about "the government," we turn the control over to the people who are motivated to be engaged in the governing process, and their interests might not be all of ours. In fact, the fewer people who are engaged in the political process, the more those few people have an incentive to look out for themselves, since they are not checked by the broader population.  At the very least, a good citizen should vote

3) Be informed. A good citizen has an obligation to understand what is going on and how it affects her/his fellow citizens. This isn't an easy task. In our age of abundant information and even more abundant opinion, it can be difficult to wade through it all and figure out what is true and what is relevant. Sources like TV and twitter are good for up-to-the-minute facts, but twitter is also loaded with opinion and misinformation. Television, even when it isn't attempting to project a particular partisan spin, is inherently prone to emotional manipulation because it pairs information with evocative imagery. To really be informed, read books. Read long form journalism. Read newspapers from other countries to see how we can sometimes be blinded by cultural assumptions. Talk with people who have different perspectives on issues. This part of good citizenship is hard, but it's very important.

4) Be educated. This is not quite the same thing as being informed. A computer can be loaded up with all kinds of information. That doesn't give it the ability to know what to do with that information. Education involved acquiring analytical skills, philosophical understanding of one's self, and moral grounding which will allow a good citizen to use information to make decisions that benefit other citizens.

5) Disagree. This can be very difficult, especially when we have disagreements with people we care about deeply, but it's an essential part of good citizenship. We have to be willing to stand up for positions that are unpopular if the country will ever improve. We should also learn how ti disagree in a way that's respectful and constructive. And we should have the humility to recognize that we might be wrong. 

6) Belong without assimilating. This is difficult, too. It can be tempting to change one's self to be as much like the herd as possible. It's even easier to reject the whole group. What's hardest is to claim a position within a group while maintaining one's unique identity. Finding that balance is a lifetime's work. It's also a part of good citizenship.

7) Give back. No one enjoys paying taxes, but it's far more bearable when you remember that you are investing in roads, in libraries, in the firefighters and police officers who protect your home and loved ones, in the research that invented the internet I'm using to send this right now, and in the research that will one day produce the medicine that may save your life. Of course, some of those taxes (maybe even most of them) might go to things you don't agree with. Pay them anyway, and get involved to change where your taxes go. But don't stop investing your money, your time, and your energy into making this country a better place or you can't call yourself a good citizen. 


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