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Location: British Overseas Territories
Back to Karkand - Trophy Guide and Roadmap + Assignment Guide

Please do not copy or replicate any of the work posted on this thread elsewhere. If you want to use any of my material from this guide please contact me or AlphaCookie with a request.


- Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 0
- Online: 5 ( 3 2 )
- Approximate amount of time to get all trophies: 8-12 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
- Number of missable trophies: 0
- Glitched trophies: The Gunslinger trophy. This trophy is glitched. Read the Gunslinger trophy for more info.
- Do cheats disable trophies?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect trophies?: Online Only


Back to Karkand is the first DLC offering for DICE’s phenomenal shooter, Battlefield 3. This DLC returns to us 4 iconic maps from Battlefield 2, completely remastered in Frostbite 2. Along for the ride are a selection of new vehicles, brand new persistence in the form of Assignments, and 10 brand new weapons for completing those assignments. With the arrival of this map pack, the game mode Conquest Assault returns, changing the fight on the Battlefield once again. Even if you aren’t playing for trophies, these maps shouldn’t be missed by any shooter fan.

The four new maps included are: Gulf of Oman, Strike at Karkand, Sharqi Peninsula, Wake Island


Step 1: Vehicle Warfare
This will be easy for some people, and hard for others. I believe it warrants its own step as it can be difficult to get the vehicles you need with every other player also going for those vehicles. Be fast on the respawn, and spawn directly into vehicles when and if you can, to make the process a little easier. You may want to get used to the vehicles before you go for kills in them. Just drive around near your base and figure them out.

After this step, you will have the trophy Third Tour.

Step 2: Assignments
During this step you will need to complete the 10 assignments Karkand brings with it. Each completed assignment will unlock one of the new weapons in the expansion which are required for the Gunslinger trophy. None of the assignments should prove too difficult, and should come from natural play, in fact, you may complete some of them when waiting around for vehicles in Step 1. Just note that the assignments are in a flow chart style, meaning you will have to complete Assignment A to complete Assignment B (i.e. you must complete “Let it rain” to unlock the ability to complete “Keep your head down.”) View our detailed Assignment Guide here: Back to Karkand - Trophy Guide and Roadmap + Assignment Guide -

After unlocking all the guns, and killing 10 people with each of them, you will unlock the Gunslinger trophy.

Step 3: Complete Warrior Clean Up
By this point, you’ll only have the misc trophies left to obtain. So let’s start off with the hardest. Complete Warrior. If you didn’t complete this when getting your vehicle kills for Third Tour, now would be the time. You’ll want to attempt this trophy on Wake Island. At this point, you will only have to manage a kill with the Skid Loader, a bulldozer type novelty vehicle, to obtain Like a Boss and take a dip in the swimming pool at the Oman Hotel on Gulf of Oman to unlock Jaws. Neither trophy should prove too difficult, and upon finishing will give 100% DLC Completion.

At the end of this step you will obtain the trophies Complete Warrior, Jaws, and Like a Boss.

Info about Assignments:
Battlelog now has all of the Back to Karkand guns and vehicles stats on the stats page now. This means you will be able to see how many kills you need for each weapon on the way to the Gunslinger trophy.

Also added is a Assignments page which shows a detailed analysis of every assignment available, and telling you how many kills, resupplies or heals etc you need to finish the assignments. It has more detail than the assignments page in-game, and it is definitely worth a look on the way to the Gunslinger trophy.

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Location: British Overseas Territories

Complete Warrior
Got a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Assault Rifle, Jet, Tank.

Start off by spawning in the F35B Jet (any Jet will work, but it’s much easier to kill infantry with the F35B), as the Assault Class, with your Assault Rifle of choice. You will want to get a kill as fast as you can, then immediately drop out into either an empty or friendly tank in order to get your tank kill. It's best you stick with this tank until it’s 100% safe to get out. Once on foot, you just need the Assault Rifle kill. Move quickly, and stealthily. Don’t take any chances, and snag that last kill as soon as an unsuspecting enemy is in your sights. Pat yourself on the back; you just defeated what is potentially the most difficult challenge in the DLC, and obtained the Complete Warrior trophy. The F35B Jet is not so good at taking out other aircraft, so stay low, and bail out as soon as you are near a tank. It HAS to be a MBT, not a LAV, etc… This trophy can be done on any map with these vehicles on it, including the main base game.

Third Tour
Got a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35

F35B Kill:
Wake Island will probably be the easiest for your jet kills, since despite its size; it is generally easy to find enemies. You will want to directly spawn into the F35B as fast as you can to prevent another one of your team mates from getting away with it. At that point, it’s best to either use your rocket pods (if they are unlocked) and target enemy vehicles, or target another jet with your standard machine gun. It is advised to wait till you unlock Rocket pods if you struggle with the Jets. By the time you will have unlocked these your flying skills will have improved, and you will have better weapons to engage enemies with. Note that using the hovering feature of the new jet may make it easier to get kills, but it will leave you exposed, so if your going for Complete Warrior at this point, its best not to take too many risks. If you don’t have rocket pods unlocked for your jet at this point, you may have to use the hovering feature to be able to target ground troops if you’re unable to get a kill against another aircraft.

BTR-90 Kill:

The BTR-90 is just another IFV or “Light Tank.” Use it like you would in the base game. Target infantry, and only engage Heavy Tanks if you have the proper support. It is advised that you take one even two engineers with you into battle in your tank. This way if you come across enemy heavy armour, your engineer buddies can hop out and repair your tank from behind, giving you a much larger chance of defeating the other amour. They can also engage the enemies with RPGs firing at you, so you wont have them to worry about either.

Lots of people are having trouble finding the BTR-90 so here is a list of confirmed locations:

Gulf of Oman:

The construction site flag (Normal Conquest only): It will either be the LAV or the BTR that spawns here. The base has to be under Russian control for it to spawn here, otherwise it will be the LAV. It does not spawn on Conquest Assault.

The RU Base: It also spawns in the RU base in Conquest and Rush. The RU base is the one on the land (In conquest) and furthest away from the Sea. From 1:01 in the video you will see this location:

DPV “Buggy”:
This is your light infantry transport. Think of it as your jeep in Karkand. This Buggy is available on every map in the expansion. The safest way to get a kill with this vehicle will be to park it at good location, where you can oversee your enemies, and start shooting that .50cal. If your looking for some thrills, trying running a few unsuspecting Russians (or Americans) over.

Get 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons


We have had multiple reports saying that this trophy is glitched or delayed. However we do have a confirmed fix! To get this trophy to pop you need to get 10 kills with all of the Back to Karkand weapons first. Then you need to get 10 kills with the Famas in one round of any game mode. Your trophy should then pop If this fails then just keep playing, the trophy will ding eventually. Players have got the trophy but when it pops is not clear.

To help you complete the assignments,take a look at our detailed assignment guide here: LINK. In order to obtain this trophy, you will need to complete all 10 assignments to unlock all 10 DLC Guns. The assignments can be completed on any map in both the DLC and Base Game. Getting 10 kills with each weapon should be straight forward. You will unlock your first attachment at 10 kills so use that to keep track.

Like a Boss
Got a kill with the skid loader

The Skid Loader is the fourth new vehicle in the Back to Karkand expansion, one confirmed place for it to be at is flag 'B' on the Wake Island map. The flag name is 'Airbase'. You will find the Skid Loader next to a bunker. As it is at a main flag, you won't need to wait too long for someone to show up. Get in the Skid Loader and hide. Do not drive out if there is any enemy armour nearby, as one tank shell and you're dead. Wait for an enemy solider to walk by and drive full speed into him. Once you are on the Skid loader, it would be best to leave your squad so nobody spawns on you and takes your kill. There may be other locations where it is but they cannot be confirmed yet, here is a video by DJWorldXclusive:

Took a swim in the Oman Hotel Swimming pool

You can go for this trophy on Rush and Conquest assault. You cannot get in on Conquest, as the hotel is out of the map.

This must be done on the map Gulf of Oman as this is where the “Oman Hotel” is located. You will need to go into the hotel and swim in the pool for the trophy.

The first step you are going to want to do is find the hotel in the map. Here is how to do it from the RU deployment:

Once you spawn there you are going to want to get into a buggy (or any vehicle, but the buggy is quicker). When you drive forward out of the base the road will curve around to the right. Do not follow the road! Drive completely straight and over the hill in front of you. Once you are at the top of the hill you will see 2 tall buildings. You will want to go over to the building to your right. Then you will see a swimming pool. Swim in the pool and the trophy will pop. You may need to get out for it to pop.

From the US Deployment you need to grab a boat and drive over to the shore. Then face forward and turn towards the building on the furthest right. Run towards the building. You could spawn on an objective point and run towards there too.

Also if you are still struggling to find it, jump in an air vehicle and fly over the east (if US) or west (if RU) of the map and look for a building with a swimming pool outside it.

Here is a video explaining it, and showing you where to go. Credit to Powerpyx

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Location: British Overseas Territories

Best Friend Forever - FAMAS

This is probably the easiest of the assignments. All you need to do is revive any dead allies you see. They will be marked by a Skull icon, hit them with your defibrillator paddles to revive them. As for heals, just drop down a medic box near team mates, and if they are injured they will heal, and you will get points. 10 heals will come pretty easy. It is easier to do this on tighter, infantry maps.

Recommended Maps: Operation Metro, Seine Crossing, Tehran Highway
Game Mode: Conquest

Fixing It - HK53
  • 10 Repairs
  • Kill 1 enemy with Repair Torch

This is another pretty easy assignment. Hop into a friendly vehicle, and if they get hit, get out and pull out your torch to repair them. 10 repairs are easy to get, especially if your tank is prone to getting RPG spammed. Getting a torch kill is a tricky matter on the other hand. Your best option is probably to be on Rush mode, and move behind the enemy. Once you find a stationary target, pull out your torch, and aim for the head. It can be very difficult to kill if you’re not torching the head.

Recommended Maps: Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman, Strike at Karkand, Sharqi Peninsula, Tehran Highway, Kharg Island
Game Mode: Rush, Conquest

Let it Rain - QBB-95
  • 20 kills with Light Machine Guns
  • 2 Mortar Kills

This is another easy assignment. 20 kills with LMG’s should be simple, as it can be achieved pretty much anywhere. This part should give you no trouble. Mortars on the other hand, can be quite a handful. Since you only need 2, it shouldn’t be hard to get the kills you need. Your best option is playing Rush on any map, and setting up a good firing position. This is made easier if your team spots frequently, so try to play with friends who you can rely on to do this for you. Also, on Rush many other people like to mortar as well, and they will. They (as well as you) automatically appear as a Mortar Icon after shooting off a shell. If you see that mortar icon, immediately shoot it for an easy kill.

Recommended Maps: Any
Game Mode: Rush

Specops - QBU-88
  • 20 kills with Sniper Rifles
  • 5 Laser Designations

Another straight forward assignment, all you need is 20 sniper rifle kills. This can be any sniper rifle. You shouldn’t have any trouble since you can just use Iron Sights and a Semi-Auto if you have trouble distance sniping. Laser Designations normally mean you need to use SOFLAM to mark an enemy vehicle. Note that you do not need an ally to hit the target, you need only mark it. You can also do this with the Laser Painter on the Scout Chopper, and the CITV Station for Heavy Tanks. As long as you get a “Target Designated” bonus, it counts. Of course, this means you’ll want a vehicle heavy map. It can also be easier on Rush since the vehicles will generally always be coming from one direction.

Recommended Maps: Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman, Strike at Karkand, Sharqi Peninsula, Tehran Highway, Kharg Island
Game Mode: Rush

Familiar Territory - PP-19
  • Arm 10 MCOMs
  • Capture 10 flags
  • Play 2 hours on Karkand

People can and will say this is one of the more difficult assignments, well that would be because it is. You will need to play with the objectives in mind, arm those MCOMs in Rush, and capture those flags in Conquest. There are not many tips to give here that you wouldn’t have already heard from every other player on the internet. So do your best, it should come quicker than you might think. Playing 2 hours on Karkand is more of endurance. This does refer specifically to the map Strike at Karkand. It is cumulative, so you will probably complete this task through natural play, but if you want it done, and done now, just quit out when your server moves to another map, and join a new Strike at Karkand game.

Recommended Maps: Strike at Karkand
Game Mode: Rush, Conquest

Professional Russian - L85A2 ("Best Friends Forever" have to be completed first)
  • 100 kills with Assault Rifles
  • 20 kills with Underslung Grenade Launcher
  • Win 5 rounds of SQDM

Another easy all around achievement. Load up your favorite Assault Rifle, and say goodbye to your Med Kits as you equip your M320. It doesn’t matter if you use the M320 Grenades, Buckshot, Smoke, etc. You just need M320 kills. 100 Assault Rifle kills won’t be hard for most people, but for those who find it difficult, you may take a little longer. Your best option is to always be a medium distance away from your target to take advantage of Assault Rifles accuracy over other weapons such as SMGs. Your M320 is very easy to kill with. Hell you can completely miss and get a kill. You will only start out with a couple grenades though, so it is advisable to travel with a friendly Support to restock. Winning 5 rounds of Squad Deathmatch is matter of how good your squad is. This will again be easy for some, impossible for others. Get your best squad mates together, think some happy thoughts, and go in guns a blazin’. Common tactics include spamming your M320, and camping. Use these tactics to your advantage.

Recommended Maps: Any
Game Mode: SQDM

It goes Boom! - QBZ-95B ("Fixing It" has to be completed first)
  • 50 AT rocket kills
  • Destroy 1 enemy vehicle with Repair Torch
  • Win 5 rounds of Conquest

AT Rockets refers to your SMAW or RPG, as they are “Anti-Tank Rockets”. They also happen to be the easiest launchers to kills with. Load up your Explosives Specialization, aim your fire, and start spamming off those rockets. This will be easy. This can be done on any map as AT’s are effective against vehicles and people. Destroying an enemy vehicle with your torch can be challenge as your torch is slow to kill. You will need to sabotage an unsuspecting person for this to work. Your best time to strike is after a tank has been disabled. It’s also good to count how many hits, and where. RPG’s to the rear of a tank will do more damage, so if a tank has taken a hit to the back, or even two, that would be your best time to strike. Remember, you just need the Destroy bonus; you do not need the kill, but if you keep torching after the enemy has jumped out, it will heal the tank. It is possible to damage the tank enough that it will blow up on its own soon enough to give you the bonus, even if the enemy has jumped out. Winning 5 Conquest rounds should come naturally. Capture flags; support your team mates, etc, etc. Here is a video on an easy way to get the vehicle destroy. While someone is on a mortar, or after you have killed them, get your torch out and destroy the mortar equipment. Although it says equipment destroyed, it will count towards the assignment. The MAV will also work too. Credit to oTheVoiceOfReason.

Also if you are having a really hard time getting the torch vehicle destroy because people keep jumping out of the tank before it blows or you keep getting killed all the time, here is another tip.

Since the AMTRAC is a spawn point, it's always an enemy vehicle so you still get the destroy even if no one is in it. Your torch also does damage while it's empty. This made it MUCH easier for me to get the vehicle destroy task done. Just find a map where an AMTRAC is, and destroy it with the repair tool. Thanks to MFVillin for the tip.

Recommended Maps: Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman, Strike at Karkand, Sharqi Peninsula, Tehran Highway, Kharg Island
Game Mode: Conquest

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Location: British Overseas Territories

Keep your head down - MG36 ("Let it rain" has to be completed first)
  • 100 kills with Light Machine Guns
  • 50 Suppression Assists
  • 50 Ammo Resupplies

Another time consuming rather then difficult assignment, and as before you will be following the same general steps as Professional Russian. First load up your favorite LMG, and work at the 100 kills, LMG’s are best when fired from a stationary position, at almost any range. Suppression Assists can be a tricky beast. In order to suppress you need to hit the area around an enemy, without actually killing him in order for your team to get the kill. Generally these come naturally, but it can be difficult for some people to obtain them. Your best option is to use a very inaccurate, slow, high capacity weapon. My personal choice is the M60 with Iron Sights, Extended Mags, and a Foregrip. Resupplies are very easy to get as well. Drop your ammo boxes near allies, and as long as they have fired and reloaded at some point, they will restock from your nearby box, and you will get the bonus. Very very simple. Since its easier to perform suppression assists when moving up with a group in tight quarters, the best maps for this would be linear Close Combat maps, and playing on Rush can make it easier as all enemies will be coming in from one direction, but wider Rush Maps like Caspian can make effectively suppressing difficult.

Recommended Maps: Operation Metro, Grand Bazaar, Seine Crossing
Game Mode: Rush

Creeping Death - L96 ("Specops" has to be completed first)
  • 50 Headshots
  • 50 Spot Assists
  • 5 Knife takedowns

Headshots can be easy to perform as long as you are comfortable with your weapon. I don’t think there is much explaining to that requirement. Spots are the fancy orange KILL ME dot that appear over enemies head when you press , they are easy to get as long as you spot enemies, and will definitely come naturally. Placing your TUG-S or using your MAV effectively can speed up the process. Knifing is a pretty hard game to master. If you want this done quickly, you will need to flank behind the enemy, which is easier on Conquest, and stab some enemies in the back. The animation is long, and will often get you killed if you try to knife enemies that are in groups. Because of that, it is always preferable to try and knife solitary enemies.

Recommended Maps: Any
Game Mode: Conquest

Scarred Veteran - MK3A1 ("Familiar Territory" has to be completed first)
  • 10 Kills with PP-19
  • 5 kills in DPV Jeep
  • 10 kills in BTR-90 IFV
  • Play 2 hours on Sharqi
  • Play 2 hours on Gulf of Oman

Another time consuming assignment, this will obviously take a minimum of four hours. 10 kills with the PP-19 will no doubt come naturally, as you will need to get 10 kills with it for the Gunslinger trophy. It’s like any other PDW, close quarters only, best for flanking. The DPV jeep is the new buggy in the Karkand maps; it is fast, and sleek. You can either go for roadkills, or use the mounted .50cal. Just note the .50cal has a very bad turning radius, which can often allow enemies to slip by you unnoticed. The BTR-90 is the new IFV or “Light Tank.” It is very easy to kill with, very fast, and very fun. It is on all Karkand maps, and is easy to use on them as well. Just don’t engage Heavy Tanks without the proper support, and watch out for C4, you’ll get 10 kills in no time. As for two hours on Sharqi and Oman…. Well that is the same as 2 hours on Karkand. It’s cumulative, and should come naturally. If not, quit out when ever the map switches, and hop into a new server that is playing the map you want.

As an extra note for all assignments, it is possible to complete requirements with different guns. An example being the “Creeping Death” assignment, all though it is geared towards Recon, you can in fact, get the spot assists and headshots with what ever class and gun you would like. This rule applies to any other requirements that aren’t weapon/class specific.

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*yay* its up! Maybe I should buy better glasses though, because I'm already finding a couple of errors that slipped by my editorial sweep -.O

Nothing huge, more of a nitpicky thing actually.

For the Like a Boss trophy
Originally Posted by nitpicky
The Skid Loader is the fourth new vehicle in the Back to Karkand expansion. One confirmed place for it to be at is flag 'B' on the Wake Island map. The flag name is 'Airbase'. You will find the Skid Loader next to a bunker. As it is at a main flag, you won’t need to wait to long for someone to show up. Get in the Skid Loader and hide. DO NOT drive out if there is any enemy armor nearby, as one tank shell and your dead. Wait for an enemy solider to walk by and drive full speed into him. Once you are on the Skid Loader, it would be best to leave your squad so nobody spawns on you and takes your kill. There may be other locations were it is, but they cannot be confirmed yet
I put the corrections to the typos in bold

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Battlefield 2 Patch v1.5

BF2_Patch_1.50.exe | 97.83 KB

This is the long-awaited version 1.50 patch for Battlefield 2. In addition to making all content from both expansions free-to-play, it includes a number of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.



Total Battlefield 2 Map Pack 3

totalbf2_map_pack_3.exe | 226.81 MB

from the various mirrors to date). Today the team is proud to present their third Battlefield 2 map-pack for release, they\'re confident the quality of maps in this release even surpass the two previous. The pack is made up of various tested and tweaked custom maps made by the community. The maps included are: * Insurgency on Alcatraz * Codename Valhalla * Operation Power Failure * Operation Yellow Dragon * Bocage 2005 * A.T.O.M You can view more information about each map [url=\"\"]here[/url].



A Bad Surprise | 39.79 MB

an attack on a medical facility long enough for an evacuation to occur. The author\'s briefing: [quote]A force of rebels is advancing on a USMC medical compound. Injured soldiers and civilians can\'t be evacuated before at least 20 hours. Rush to the defense point on the north bank of the river and hold them at all cost. The rebels are expected out of the mountains in the southern side of the valley. Good luck soldiers![/quote]



A Bad Surprise | 39.79 MB

BF2 SP-CQ-Coop. A force of rebels is advancing on a USMC medical compound. Injured soldiers and civilians can't be evacuated before at least 20 hours. Rush to the defense point on the north bank of the river and hold them at all cost.



Sandbox 0.5

sandbox5_installer.exe | 95.61 MB

[url=""]Sir. Community[/url]! [quote]What's new in this version, you ask? New objects have been added so you now have over 100 different things to spawn. The Battleracer DPV also makes a cameo - the boost on this car allows you to build racetracks with massive loops and other cool things. You now have a grappling hook and zipline in your disposal to aid in construction. The main menu also includes a Starter Guide that serves as a quick reference to all the functions in Sandbox. The biggest addition in 0.5 is the grouping functionality. This allows you to group hundreds of objects together and move them as one. Groups can be saved using the new Sandbox Network feature and then loaded on any server in any map. Grouping makes it extremely easy to construct massive creations.[/quote]



BF2: Sandbox v0.5

sandbox5_installer.exe | 95.61 MB

New objects have been added so you now have over 100 different things to spawn. The Battleracer DPV also makes a cameo - the boost on this car allows you to build racetracks with massive loops and other cool things.



Allied Intent Extended

aix_client_1.0.exe | 1.34 GB

while. [quote]AIX description: "Allied Intent Xtended is the most feature rich single player experience there is for Battlefield 2. Building upon the great Allied Intent Mod, AIX aims to deliver an amazing array of content which is 100% bot compatible for use in single player and coop gamemodes. With a sea of multiplayer only or partial sp mini-mods out there, AIX's main focus has always been about creating the best experience for single player that we possibly could due to the original game falling quite short in this department. It's important to note that while AIX can be played in a multiplayer environment, the nature of this mod will make the conquest multiplayer game modes unfairly balanced as things are created with bots in mind! As such, we do not endorse or support AIX as a multiplayer mod. You can expect 9 custom maps and 7 Dice remakes, New UN army, 28 custom weapons and 7 custom kits items, 17 new aircraft as well as pickup kits, resupply crates and some very groovy AI enhancements not seen in any other mod! We proudly present the 1.0 version of AIX for all Battlefield 2 fans!" Kysterama AIX MOD - Chief administrator[/quote]



Total BF2 Map Pack #2

totalbf2_map_pack_2.exe | 174.88 MB

Released by the TotalBF2 team, this is a collection of six high-quality Battlefield 2 maps. It includes Berlin, Mahoni Island, Nan Hai, Strait of Hormuz, Strike at Abu Dhabi, and Strike at Karkand 2.



Bocage Dogfight | 96.67 MB

dogfighting only, they do not capture any flags. Bots will only spawn at the original Bocage airports. The new airports are only for human players. To adjust the number of bots in single player, edit the \"Battlefield 2\\mods\\bf2\\AI\\\" file to your liking.



BF2C Wake Airshow | 61.32 MB

Wake Airshow is an air-combat dogfighting map, featuring custom skins such as the Blue Angels F18. You can play it on the 'BF2Combat Dogfight Day' server, just filter 'BF2C' for unranked servers.



COOP Modifier | 87.17 MB

many needed things so decent COOP play may have a chance. Anyhow please accept profuse apologies for DICE's dodgy coding that we all have to live with that is beyond my control



Allied Intent - Full Client Files

aintent2winclient.exe | 673.22 MB

binocs, timebomb, flashbang, incendiary, and teargas grenades, RPG-7, Tavor and XM8 automatic rifles. Language support for Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, and Swedish. New helicopter variants, new effects, new vehicle and soldier reskins, plus much much more!



Atlantis Assault

atlantis_assault.rar | 42.85 MB

This map is set in the SG:A world and contained all the required files. It can be added to any mod or bf2 levels. Full SP Support as well as conquest. This is a dogfight map with F302 and Wraith darts.



Point of Existence Client Files | 0 Bytes

all worth the wait. Here is some helpful links and downloads while you wait.Windows Server FilesLinux Server FilesArty TeaserTorrent FileManual Download (PDF)Fansite Kit v1.0.0Pre-Release Teaser (while you wait for the long download)



Desert Conflict Client Files

dcon_v0.1a.exe | 676.39 MB

European Fan base out so they had it released at 9 AM EST;) we fooled you :beer: [quote]The Sandstorm has returned! The long anticipated Desert Conflict Mod for BF2 brings the classic feel of Desert Combat to the BF2 engine with its Alpha release. You loved Desert Combat and longed for it to return within BF2. Done. You wanted skill to be a factor in BF2. Done. You wanted dumbfire missles for aircraft, handheld aa & ground based aa. Done. You wanted familiar vehicles. Done (and still adding more) You wanted Capture The Flag. Done You wanted the classic maps. Done You wanted Artillery brought back to the player. Done. You wanted to play it. DONE![/quote]



Adh Oasis Revisited | 39.47 MB

A BF 2 custom conquest, singleplayer, coop map. Intel reports that some terrorist have setup shop near the abandoned village by the Oasis of Adh. Your mission is to get there and cleanup the village and surroundings of all enemy activity.



Maszarqi Siege COOP

maszarqi_siege_coop.rar | 58.87 MB

U.S. Army fights to plan an attack on the city by means of attack helicopters. They must strategically place their positions and secure their way through the enemy troops. This city is the most important of all of the country due to the fact that if they lose it, it will ultimately leave the door open for enemy control. Enjoy playing this map in 16, 32, and 64 player modes.



Adh Oasis Revisited | 39.47 MB

mission is to get there and cleanup the village and surroundings of all enemy activity. The terrorists aren’t supposed to be aware of your presence in the area. Move swiftly and get them. Good luck![/quote]



Airshow 1918 | 56.26 MB

bombers and if you want to use these then jump in the aircraft and taxi down the runway and you will pick up your bot on the runway. Make sure you run at least 24 bots or no bot for bombers. Each level will fly 16 aircraft so have fun and shoot them down.



City Park | 25.26 MB

them, the PLA is determined to keep it. 16 size is good ol\' TDM, and 32 size is Strategic Hold. in SH you need to capture and hold ALL the strategic areas(flags) to win.



Invasion_of_the_Coral_Sea | 73.72 MB

ground/sea combat only, for those who don't like dealing with those pesky airplanes coming out of nowhere and killing you. 32 includes aircraft, for those who like to pwn ground forces from above. thanks to StrikerJ, Satnav, and the EOD2 mod for the custom objects.



Battlefield 2 Highway Tampa

bf2_highway_tampa_update.exe | 63.69 MB

our update partner Intel, created this new map focused on tank battles that echo those of Battlefield 1942. Exploding shells ring out across the desert as tank columns meet in furious battle amidst the swirling sands. Tweaks since the beta version include more infantry cover to help them hold onto flags, improved jeep spawning to better prevent stranded infantry and a number of glitch fixes. We wish to thank the Battlefield community for all the time they put in playing the map and posting feedback to the forums. We\'re sure you\'ll enjoy the epic vehicular warfare in this new map.[/quote]




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