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There are indeed many reasons why pit bulls should be banned and among these is the vicious nature of pit bulls. As much as there are those individuals who may argue that pit bulls are loving pets that only suffer negative publicity from the media, the facts on the ground speak a different story. Many individuals from different parts of the US have reported their pets being mauled to death by pit bulls and such cases just go to demonstrate the vicious nature of these animals. It is true that pit bulls tend to be very loyal and loving to their owners, but it is also true that these animals have powerful instincts that drive them to attack other dogs and even human beings. Not only are pets viciously attacked by pit bulls on a daily basis, but also human beings are also often attacked by pit bulls. This is especially true when people end up in territories that pit bulls believe are theirs. Unlike many other dogs species that may let go of a victim, a pit bull rarely lets go of its victim and its powerful grip often results in a fatality.

Another reason why pit bulls should be banned is because the owners of these dogs rarely accept accountability for their pets’ actions, instead choosing to blame attacks on the animal’s natural instincts. It is only natural that if an animal attacks, bites or even kills, the owner should be looked for so the owner can be accountable for not controlling their animal. While the owners of other pets in most cases accept accountability for their pets’ actions, the owners of pit bulls are often vicious defenders of their animals and tend to blame the individual for the actions of their pit bulls.

The high statistics of pit bull attacks are scary enough to warrant a ban of these animals. In the US, pit bulls account for approximately 5 percent of the total dog population. However, of the approximately 100 dog bite fatalities reported, close to 55 are attributed to pit bulls. Breaking down these statistics illustrates that a US citizen dies every three weeks due to a pit bull attack. Continuing to legalize these animals can therefore be taken to imply that more importance is being placed on the lives of these dogs more than on the lives of human beings.

As much as there are those who may argue that it is not only pit bulls that bite and that all dogs have the potential to bite, the fact that pit bulls are more likely to bite than other dogs cannot be simply ignored. The high likelihood of these dogs biting and injuring individuals and other dogs can be traced to the fact that these dogs tend to be more aggressive and irritable, compared to other kinds of dogs. These dogs are not only dangerous to outsiders but can also harm their owners or even members of the owners’ families.

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Persuasive Speech: Pit Bulls Essay

983 WordsNov 19th, 20124 Pages

Nicole Watkins
Persuasive Speech
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to petition against Maryland’s law to identify “Pit Bulls” as a dangerous breed of dog.
Six months ago, almost to the day, my best friend and her new puppy were attacked. She was dog sitting her grandmother’s Mastiff, whom at the time had no previous violent history. She kept the Mastiff and her puppy in separate rooms in order to make sure there were no problems, but that wasn’t enough. One day, out of nowhere, the Mastiff broke down the door separating them and went on a full-fledged attack toward the puppy. My friend tried to make it out of the door of the house, but to no avail. The Mastiff bit her by the arm and dragged her to the ground forcing the puppy…show more content…

Let’s start by looking at the Maryland law itself
Maryland has laws on both rulings against just Pit Bulls and the concept of ‘dangerous dogs’. First we will focus primarily on Maryland’s law against Pit Bulls. Aaron C. Davis, a reporter for the Washington Post, states that “Maryland’s highest court ruled in March [of 2012] that pit bulls…are more dangerous than other breeds” (Davis). Even the media today is biased against Pit Bulls based on the immensely smaller number of media articles reported on non-Pit Bulls versus Pit Bulls. The ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, shows that a “quantitative study by the National Canine Research Council of dog-bite reportage in a four-day period proves that anti-pit bull bias in the media is more than just a theory—it’s a fact” (ASPCA). Under Maryland law as well, there are specific rulings on what deems a dog as a ‘dangerous dog’. Stated in West’s Annotated Code of Maryland, “‘Dangerous dog’ means a dog that: (i) Without provocation has killed or inflicted severe injury on a person” (West). This could relay onto any breed of dog depending on the situation and environment. Because of the Maryland law on Pit Bulls, many Maryland families are facing distress.
The law now holds both the owner and landlords accountable for just the one specific breed of dog creating complications for many families and many animal shelters. Families are being torn apart under this new law causing them to have to make

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