Argumentative Essay On Community Service

Should Community Service Be Mandatory? Essay

To Whom It May Concern,

Although some may argue what a waste of time community service is, studies have shown that this is actually beneficial; therefore teenagers should be forced to do community service. Teenagers are expected to know life lessons when entering the work force, and how better to learn them, than by helping the community. The community is also in desperate need of youthful enthusiasm to improve itself. Teenagers spend a lot of time at school, but to take part of 75 hours of community service of a four-year period is a rather small number. Community service could teach teenagers responsibility, respect, and life lessens, and for an extraordinarily small amount of time and effort it helps further the community.

Services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions is the definition of community service. Majority of teenager's problem is promptness, if needing to be on time to a certain event it could teach dependability for oneself at a young age. If doing volunteer work then you will always try to do the best you can, to fulfill a duty properly is also useful tool for teaching responsibility. If community service is started at a young age it will become habit to help others and not so much burdensome to us. Grades are obviously not enough of a requirement. Teenagers need to be street smart as well as book smart. Community service is very rewarding, so helping some one accomplish a task that they themselves were unable to accomplish before can be gratifying. If integrated into the school curriculum as a learning experience. Grades will then depend upon the service plus the academic exercises connected with it.

How is it possible that 75 hours of community service out of a four-years of high school could take away someone's time? Four years of high school is approximately 24,192 hours, 5,760 that teenagers actually spend in school. Being able to find 75 hours of the 18,432 is an incredibly simply task. Teenagers cannot argue that community service takes time away from studying because there...

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Q- Several charitable organizations in Pleasant-ville provide opportunities for teenagers to engage in community service.

Write a response in which you examine the stated/unstated assumptions of the argument. Be sure to explain the argument and what are the implications if the assumptions prove unwarranted.


The Pleasant-ville School Board wishes to imbibe the importance of community service among its students and believes that a making a 40 hour compulsory service for the student would help them in achieving that goal. Moreover, this would provide the much needed assistance to the local charities.

This argument, however, does not take into account some assumptions which may or may not deter them towards their goal. They also have not tried to understand the real reason why children evade from community service in Pleasant-ville.

Firstly, the school should try and understand the kind of work that is required by the charities and whether this work is teemed fit for high school students. Also, they may have some workshops inculcating the importance of being involved in community service for the students. They could involve the charities in the same who could explain to he students why they need their help and how they could bring about a change by spending just a few hours at their establishments.

Secondly, imposing a strict 40 hour service guideline could prove to be detrimental as lazy and uninformed students may not look at it in a positive manner. They might go about it as a ritual and not learn or contribute anything in the process. They might also try and cheat on the no. of hours by resorting to all sorts of chicanery which would hamper their personality.

Instead the board should encourage a sense of empathy towards the downtrodden among their students. For this they could take the help of conscious students who could imbibe the same attitude among their peer group. The school authoritie could also have camps,visits and fundraisers in association with the charity that would help the students to help and also have fun at the same time.

The student with a keen sense of service towards the community could be awarded at the end of their graduation.

Finally, keeping all these recommendations and guidelines in mind the school board must come up with a well-thought out strategy that does not become a burden on the students but should help them to involve into holistic individuals.


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